Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Short introduction to the "wizy" IWB

For me the interactive whiteboard was something completely new and I found it extremely interesting and useful as it is a devise that combines people and technology in a very good way - if used appropriately. I above all like the interactive and process orientated aspect of it.
However, I still can't imagine using one myself. I've just got a little taste of it. In order to be able to use it myself, I would need a longer introduction with enough time to practice and play around myself so that I can explore and get to know the many possibilities and options it seems to offer.
Of course, I'd like to have one myself at my school but I think it will be rather difficult to convince the school authorities. First, it is quite expensive and money is rather short. Second, not many people know what it exactly is and what it can be used for. Thus a little demonstration and introduction of the medium could be quite handy as a first step towards eventually purchasing one.


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