Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New photos

I've uploaded new photos in the Yahoo e-group. I hope you like them.
Aga, don't get so crossed; when someone doesn't want to learn there's almost nothing you can do. Life -and time- will show them their lost opportunities.
In paper I can recommend you 'English File' or 'New English File' Teacher's book. It has plenty of extra activities. I also use 'Reward' resource pack; it's a bit old but you can use many activities.
I'll also be teaching one group of first year students this year, and I'm a bit worried cause It's a long time since I last taught this level. I hope I won't lose my patience.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

me here at last!

It's been a long time since we contributed to our blog so I've decided to write something.We're all back to work and it's horrible that I find no time to search the net to find new ideas for my classes.Now I have new students so again we start from the English alphabet,personal questions and such extremely difficult materials.It's sad cos most of them've been learning English for at last three years and they dont know basic things.It's horrible but I have less patience nowadays cos you can repeat something million times and they still don't understand.There'll be the change from next year cos they'll have to pass the state exam in English before they graduate so maybe more of them will study hard?
Write something if you can.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Good Music: Radio1

Listening for my students


Practice with this podcast no. 1 in the supermarket. Scroll down to the bottom. Listen first then repeat after him.



On the first page you can find some links to other pages ( for example 2 or 3 )

Live News

The site for the BBC News with a live video player:
Live BBC News
Found a nice podcast. Have a go at
idioms and slang


English idiomshttp://www.englishcaster.com/idioms/

If you wanted to teach your students some nice idioms or slang, you could check this website. I don't know it very well, but still, I find it quite interesting.Enjoy your time there.

Podcast site

I found this podcast archive site. This section is for teenagers, about celebrities and fan clubs. Check it out:
Celebrities and Fan Clubs

Another link to podcasts

I have found a page with some listening activities - dialogues from everyday life, acted out by Canadians. Looks and sounds interesting, but I am not sure how good it is. If you want to find out by youself, go to http://blogs.thelinguist.com/.

Interactive Whiteboards (at last)

I agree completely with what you said about how practical and, on the other hand expensive, they are. I think they they are here to stay and the're the future, so I'd like to start using them as soon as possible. I wish there was more software to fully exploit them .
Fancy some silly British jokes? http://www.manythings.org/jokes/

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Saving time

I know we're all busy teachers so maybe this will help with quick cultural improvement.
I hope this is the direct link:
short films
Yes! Finally found out how to do it!
OK, I'll show you tomorrow.


When I heard 'interactive whitedoards' I was very curious what's that. I've never seen any and even seen.Yesterday we could check how it works, we were given a few minutes to play with - we have lots of fun.I was very immpresed with the new fantastic 'toy'.It's fantastic,there are so many possibilities ,you can use it with your students in many different ways.I would be happy if have on in my school,but unfortunately it's very expensive.Another disadventage is you need some practice,and you may have problems with your handwriting as well.I think my students would love it too.

Learn Different Language Save Your Life

I found this great video on google. hope you'll like it!

Yes, please.

Yes,spoil me, if only for today, because I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Tomorrow you can be nasty. I'll spoil you a little:
You're the most fantastic Polish, Czech, Italian, Bruneian and English women I've ever met.

Jose THE Superman?!

Girls, haven't you already noticed that our dear male friend from Spain gets a lot of attention from us? We spoil him,thanking him all the time,complementing. He's THE guide, mentor, tuitor and so on. I don't know what solution to come up with,maybe you'll share the opinion with me.I'm waiting. Shall we spoil him more?
Thanks Jose for showing me how to put my picture on the wikis but I don't think I'll be able to remember all the steps. Anyway I'll try my very best to remember the steps.

shopping in norwich

I've been here in Norwich for quite a few days and I've finally discovered,sadly to say,that I'm kind of crazy when it comes to shopping.I think it's getting scary so today I've decided to sightsee the city instead of rushing around the shops.Even Jose told me that I'm responsible for his spending some money at the shops.Summing this up,Today I'm enjoying the views,not clothes.

interactive whiteboards

Hello everybody.I'd like to share with you my opinion about interactive whiteboard.It's a helpful device for all the teachers.I'd like to have one at my school but it's so expensive that for the time being my school can't afford buying one.I actually got carried away for a short period of time because it has so many possibilities, and students in the beginning might also be more interested in the board itself rather than in the lesson. However, I don't regard it as a disadvantage.I think that after some time everybody would get used to its presence in the classrom and treat it as a real treasure. Interactive boards catch a lot of attention, they make students use the lesson's time more effectively. Teachers don't have spend a lot of time on looking for the record materials, it's easy to rewind and put forward. It also enables teacher to prepare a lesson in advance, there's a lot of space provided that one doesn't have to worry about wiping out. In addition to that, you can also save all documents so we might regard it as a time saver because once you've preapred one lesson, you are ready for next time. To sum up, if somebody can afford to have the interactive board at school,I'd strongly recommend buying it.

Magic whiteboard and us - little children

Here I am to write about my impressions of the interactive whiteboard. Although my experience is very limited, my attitude is generally positive. It became even more positive yesterday evening when I read in the article Sharon gave us (... see, I did my homework :)) and I learned you can actully program the pen so that it transforms your handwriting into type.
I think one of the biggest advantage is the fact that you can store materials very easily: you can refer to what has been said before, students can find help themselves, you can save what you have done during the lesson on the computer and they can access it when they want to revise ...etc.

And the kind of training I think I would need to start using the IWB effectively. I think it would have to be very practical and hands-on training, something where I would have to fulfil different tasks using the whiteboard. I think this would be more useful than just being told and shown what is possible.

Short introduction to the "wizy" IWB

For me the interactive whiteboard was something completely new and I found it extremely interesting and useful as it is a devise that combines people and technology in a very good way - if used appropriately. I above all like the interactive and process orientated aspect of it.
However, I still can't imagine using one myself. I've just got a little taste of it. In order to be able to use it myself, I would need a longer introduction with enough time to practice and play around myself so that I can explore and get to know the many possibilities and options it seems to offer.
Of course, I'd like to have one myself at my school but I think it will be rather difficult to convince the school authorities. First, it is quite expensive and money is rather short. Second, not many people know what it exactly is and what it can be used for. Thus a little demonstration and introduction of the medium could be quite handy as a first step towards eventually purchasing one.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Punting in Cambridge

The Colleges and the sites were great, we found some bargains at the shops and beer was cool and foamy at The Eeagle; but the best par of the day was punting onthe river Cam. We dared hiring a boat by ourselves and it was so funny that we even entertained some people wathching from the parks nearby. Fortunately we didn't fall into the river, even when other boats pushed and bumped into us; and we got past the Mathematical bridge. I was trying to take the boat somewhere with a long pole, but I have to admit I'm hopeless at it, my copilots were ok., Kasia paddled the right way most of the times, but Aga...
Aga, do something!!!

The happiest people live...........

According to dr Adrian White's reserch(Leicester University) the happiest people live in
Want to check your country?look at the map of happiness www.le.ac.uk/pc/aw57/world/sample.html

Sunny Hunny Hunstanton

The weather was fantastic: perhaps too good, I got sunburnt!
The resort was maybe good for families as it was full of attractions and amusements for children but after an hour there wasn't much to do so we took a boat ride to the cliff and lighthouse; and that is what just happened: we were taken for a ride!-It wasn't worth the £7 we paid for it.
To our surprise, the water was warm, like in the Mediterranean. If only I had taken my swimming triunks!

A lovely weekend.

Hello everybody!
Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did.Ufortunately we didn't have swimming costumes at the seaside but still it was lovely to sit in the sun,for some time of course.Cambridge was also nice but the best what happened was rowing a boat.We decided to do it without choffeur and it was quite scary cos I really thought that in a moment we'd fall into water with cameras,mobiles and so on.I wanted to take some photos as well but my film finished so I had to change it and it wasn't the best idea to do.Anyway,without Jose it might have been impossible to enjoy the view.THANK YOU JOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lighthouse and Prison

I had a very nice weekend. On Saturday I went to Hunstanton. When we arrived I thought there won't be much to do for the whole afternoon but then I discovered a little lighthouse I could walk to and I was happy again. I like lighthouses a lot, I think it is because of their nature and also of architecture, each of them has its own character. If you look at lighthouses in different countries you find out that they reflect character of each country and its history. I hate just lying on the beach but coming from a country with no sea I like exploring the coast.

On Sunday I went to Lincoln and had great time there. The cathedral is very impressive. Later I went to the castle as well and I found it very interesting. There were people in historic costumes performing knights' tournament on the courtyard. At this castle you can find the only world's surviving chapel for prisoners - they each had their own cell-like place in the rows and they were separated from their fellow - prisoners. One of the four surviving origins of Magna Charta is also kept at the castle.
I could have spent three more hours in Lincoln because there was so much to see. I am really glad I went there.

Friday, August 04, 2006


We visited some shops yesterday.After a 3 hours my wallet was still full and the shopping bag empty.Did you find any bargains ? This afternoon we're visiting a Cathedral but I' m not sure if it's THE CATHEDRAL?!?!


Today is THE Day

We are going to see the Cathedral finally, hurray!!! I can't wait to see what it is like. And you?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Walking in the rain - Norwich city tour

The tour around Norwich was great and the guide was very knowlegeable and humorous. We had lots of fun although it rained cats and dogs. The visit to Adam and Eve was a treat, too.
I think we are all having a great time here, seeing lots of things, meeting new people and, of course, learning a lot.