Monday, August 07, 2006

Punting in Cambridge

The Colleges and the sites were great, we found some bargains at the shops and beer was cool and foamy at The Eeagle; but the best par of the day was punting onthe river Cam. We dared hiring a boat by ourselves and it was so funny that we even entertained some people wathching from the parks nearby. Fortunately we didn't fall into the river, even when other boats pushed and bumped into us; and we got past the Mathematical bridge. I was trying to take the boat somewhere with a long pole, but I have to admit I'm hopeless at it, my copilots were ok., Kasia paddled the right way most of the times, but Aga...
Aga, do something!!!


Blogger Aga said...

What do you mean with this "Aga do something".I'm a professional kayaker so I know how to paddle but the boat was to big and we had only one paddle.Be nice and start appreciating my trying to bring you good memories from our time together. Think how many adventures you've had thanks to or because of me.

10:27 am  

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