Monday, July 31, 2006

Art in Norwich (and Welcome to our blog)

I went to the city centre after school to see this building

If you copy and paste you'll be able to see a picture. What do you think? I think it's wonderful! OK, I've found another link.
This one should work here.

Hi everybody

My name's Kasia and I'm from Starachowice in the south-east of Poland.I'm a teacher .I love travelling and meeting new people.I've forgot-I love kangaroos.
Yesterday we decided to go to the cinema.The weather was horrible!We had some problems with choosing the film, in the end we dedided-CARS.I must say I liked it.What was your film like?

Hello everybody!

My name's Aga and I come from Poland.I've been a teacher of English for 4 years. I lead a hectic life, travel a lot but I really like it.I love meeting new people.I also talk a lot,hopefully you won't be fed up with that. Hopefully we'll have a brilliant time together. I count on that.

Welcome to Norwich

Hello I am Roseni Mahmud. I am from Brunei Darussalam. I have 4 teenagers children, 2 boys 2 girls. I am an education officer working in the Curriculum Development Department. I've spent the first 16 years of my career in schools teaching History and English before posted to the English and Other Language Unit in the Curriculum Development Department.


Hi everybody!

My name is Christine. I've been teaching English for quite some time and really like my job. I think the course will be very interesting and I hope I'll go home with lots of new ideas and experiences.

Happy to be here

Hi everybody! My name is Helena and I am from Prague where I have lived since my birth. I have been thinking about doing a training course for teachers in Britain for years but I always managed to miss the deadline for applying. I am very happy to be here finally and I am already enjoying my stay a lot.

Starting day at Bell Norwich

Thanks Sharon for your warm welcome.
The School, although is in an old building is modern and looks well organised inside.
Our Multimedia & the Internet studies group is quite small; there are 5 other students from Poland, Italy, the Czech Republic & Brunei! They seem to be friendly.The lunch break at the cafeteria was good, with time to even enjoy a coffee. The course looks interesting and practical.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Welcome to Norwich!

And welcome to our course. Hope you will write some information to introduce yourselves and your different teaching situations. Please also write about good teaching ideas that you can use in your classes. I look forward to working with you over the next two weeks.