Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Magic whiteboard and us - little children

Here I am to write about my impressions of the interactive whiteboard. Although my experience is very limited, my attitude is generally positive. It became even more positive yesterday evening when I read in the article Sharon gave us (... see, I did my homework :)) and I learned you can actully program the pen so that it transforms your handwriting into type.
I think one of the biggest advantage is the fact that you can store materials very easily: you can refer to what has been said before, students can find help themselves, you can save what you have done during the lesson on the computer and they can access it when they want to revise ...etc.

And the kind of training I think I would need to start using the IWB effectively. I think it would have to be very practical and hands-on training, something where I would have to fulfil different tasks using the whiteboard. I think this would be more useful than just being told and shown what is possible.


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