Monday, August 07, 2006

Lighthouse and Prison

I had a very nice weekend. On Saturday I went to Hunstanton. When we arrived I thought there won't be much to do for the whole afternoon but then I discovered a little lighthouse I could walk to and I was happy again. I like lighthouses a lot, I think it is because of their nature and also of architecture, each of them has its own character. If you look at lighthouses in different countries you find out that they reflect character of each country and its history. I hate just lying on the beach but coming from a country with no sea I like exploring the coast.

On Sunday I went to Lincoln and had great time there. The cathedral is very impressive. Later I went to the castle as well and I found it very interesting. There were people in historic costumes performing knights' tournament on the courtyard. At this castle you can find the only world's surviving chapel for prisoners - they each had their own cell-like place in the rows and they were separated from their fellow - prisoners. One of the four surviving origins of Magna Charta is also kept at the castle.
I could have spent three more hours in Lincoln because there was so much to see. I am really glad I went there.


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