Wednesday, August 09, 2006

interactive whiteboards

Hello everybody.I'd like to share with you my opinion about interactive whiteboard.It's a helpful device for all the teachers.I'd like to have one at my school but it's so expensive that for the time being my school can't afford buying one.I actually got carried away for a short period of time because it has so many possibilities, and students in the beginning might also be more interested in the board itself rather than in the lesson. However, I don't regard it as a disadvantage.I think that after some time everybody would get used to its presence in the classrom and treat it as a real treasure. Interactive boards catch a lot of attention, they make students use the lesson's time more effectively. Teachers don't have spend a lot of time on looking for the record materials, it's easy to rewind and put forward. It also enables teacher to prepare a lesson in advance, there's a lot of space provided that one doesn't have to worry about wiping out. In addition to that, you can also save all documents so we might regard it as a time saver because once you've preapred one lesson, you are ready for next time. To sum up, if somebody can afford to have the interactive board at school,I'd strongly recommend buying it.


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